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Al Capone's Revenge

Al Capone's Revenge

The year is 1930. You are a flashy, no holds barred private detective during the height of prohibition in Chicago...

Difficulty Level: 9/10


The truth is out there! We all know the government has always hidden the truth from us, and now it just may cost the human race everything...

Difficulty Level: 8.5/10
Big Top Murders (Serial Killer Edition)

Big Top Murders (Serial Killer Edition)

He thinks he is invincible now.....and he is challenging you to learn his secret. It is up to you to come enter the darkside of this circus and play into twisted games our killer has laid out for you...

Difficulty Level: 7/10
Last Will & Murder

Last Will & Murder

This is a true who-done-it mystery. Mr. MoneyPinch, a wealthy man who didn't trust the banks, has died and all his so-called loved ones are scrambling to get a pie of the old man’s crusty pie…

Difficulty Level: 6/10

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I LOVE this is a family owned and run company

Abduction was my 39th escape room. I have done almost all the companies in NC. I really had a great time, not only beating the room, but engaging in conversation with the owners. I LOVE this is a family owned and run company, especially starting off with a full 4 rooms. The owners really made me feel appreciated not only as a consumer, but as a fan of escape rooms. In all honesty I was… read more

The clown room was so much fun!

Recently, went to see what this business was all about. I was in for a pleasant surprise. The clown room was so much fun. The staff was very helpful and very friendly. Can’t wait to return and try another room Reviewed: 11/3/2016… read more

Best Escape Room in town!!!

Best Escape Room in town!!!! Super Cool building and location, Wonderful Friendly Staff Members. We tried every room that they offer, all of them are super unique. Please try this as a date night or group activity, you won’t regret it! Reviewed: 10/29/2016… read more